Prioritization Matrix in Project Management

Outsiders may think that project managers have an obsession with the word stakeholder. One of the issues we care about the most is what our stakeholders want from us. If we try to list the expectations of the stakeholders, perhaps we can find hundreds of things, large and small. This creates information pollution for us. We need leaner information. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on what stakeholders want more, not what they want. This is possible using a prioritization matrix.

So this matrix gives us an order of things about our project which are more important and which are less important. It is a very efficient method in this regard.

You may panic when a dominant stakeholder asks you for something. So is this really important for the project? It may not even be important to that stakeholder. You see this in this matrix as a result of an analysis.

The success of projects depends on many factors that we cannot even imagine. However, all of these factors are listed under three headings. Scope, cost and time. The secret of success lies in managing these three well. Here, while prioritizing, it is necessary to evaluate the subject to be discussed separately for these three constraints. While cost is an important constraint for some projects, it can be ignored for others. This also applies to other constraints. Here we form our matrix by marking the important or negligible ones on the matrix. It's pretty simple.

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1- Pm: Ok we understand that this cannot be used as the only source for decision making. But everything else has the same characteristic. Which other tool we can use to make a decision? This is pointless in my opinion. Thanks.