Cynefin Framework in Project Management

As a project manager, a number of techniques always exist while selecting something from a set in order to make a decision. This causes us to have doubts about our decision making. Especially we wonder about how close they are to reality. That's why we need different approaches to see things from different points of view. This will allow us to deal with situations and reach a solution in a more efficient way.

This is exactly why it was created. Contexts here will help us when we face a problem by showing how difficult it is to get and solve.

Simple:  Here, we know and understand the outcomes we want to get in this context. Not only are we aware of it, we also know how to accomplish it. In fact, the planning-based project management style matches well with this phase.

Complicated:  The relationship between cause and effect may not be visible to everyone at the start of the project. It contains multiple related parts.

Complex: It is still possible to grasp and resolve the connections between causes and effects. However, this requires careful analysis of past experiences. In this phase, leaders should first try to reveal the uncertainty in great detail. In this phase, sharp solutions should be avoided, small and low-risk actions are beneficial. It is necessary to reach the solution in stages and sometimes wait for the solution to reveal itself to us.

Chaotic: It is very difficult to comprehend the cause and effect relationship in this phase. Because the answers keep telling us different things all the time. What the project manager needs to do here is to ensure that the chaotic environment ends as quickly as possible.

Disorder: It is the phase we are in when we cannot detect the cause of the problems by any means. It is put in the center of the framework.