Initiating Process Group in Project Management

Project management is all about initiating and completing projects and processes in a controlled and efficient manner. This means that all projects start with a set of specific processes that need to be followed in order to get things off on the right foot. The initiating process group is the first step in this process, and it deals with all of the actions that need to be taken in order to get the project up and running. In this blog post, we're going to discuss the different processes and actions that are involved in the initiating process group.

In the initiating process group, we are going to discuss which processes and actions are necessary in order to give the project a healthy start. The initiating process group can be characterized as preparation for planning and execution processes and meeting the basic needs of the project at the initial stage. To be successful in PM exams, we have to understand the essence of initiating very well. Initiating process group is the first of the 5 pm process groups.

There are two initiating processes which are:

In the scope of initiating process group, as a part of the project charter document the initial scope of the project is defined, necessary funds for conducting the project are determined and stakeholders are identified. As a result of this endeavor, common success criteria are developed with stakeholders, teams, and organizations. These criteria are also included in the project charter. In this process group, the project is formally started, and necessary authority is given to an appointed project manager. By defining and evaluating stakeholders, the chances to complete the project successfully increase.

By using the project charter, which is a signed document that contains a summary of the goals of the project, objectives of the projects, requirements, and high-level milestones, the project formally get started in initiating process group. The main goal of initiating process group is basically aligning the objectives of the project with the expectations of stakeholders of the project and the strategies of the organization as well as business needs.

Any project which was not initiated with a well prepared project charter is destined to fail. Lack of a proper initiation generally leads,

  • Lack of alignment with organizational business strategies.
  • Lack of internal recognition of project objectives,
  • Lack of customer support
  • Lack of common goals,
  • Wrong assumptions.
Also in initiating process group, it becomes obvious if the project is worth the endeavor or not. If otherwise, the project manager is responsible to terminate the project when necessary. Earlier termination is better for a harmful or inefficient project.
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1-jrpm 20.07.2021
Initiating pg seems to be easy and even can be studied from PMBOK and its scope is underestimated sometimes. However, when you go into the details you will figure out that it is a condensed version of all of the project. The outputs of initiating process group are used in many following planning and execution processes.

2- PMprojets 30.05.2021
Initiating phase is happening very early in projects. Ok, we already knew this. However, in my opinion, it overlaps with the preparation phases of the project that happens previously in the project's actual life. For example project charter is developed in the initiation phase, however much necessary information in the charter is collected in the pre-start of the project. This is confusing.

3- Tr  31.05.2021
If you can initiate a project successfully, it means your chances to reach the project objectives is extremely high. Just do not feel lazy and do the preparation work elaborately. You will see its benefits soon.

Process Groups in Project Management

Each type of work you need to complete in real life has its own characteristics and needs time to be completed. The process groups of project management treat different kinds of work. As with project management, best practices in the industry dictate that these processes are categorized under predetermined groups.

How the New PMP Exam will be? How are the new questions?

We recommend not to worry and have a deep relaxing breath as a first step. As expected for a long time, PMI finally changed its traditional exam content after delaying it 2 times. It was mainly focused on the waterfall approach before. The PMP exam in 2021 will be a slightly new one with some different question formats we have never seen before. It will also contain questions about the agile framework much more than ever. 

Schedule Management Knowledge Area

Schedule management in project management is a knowledge area. The main goal of schedule management is making sure that all activities of a project are done on planned time and therefore project is completed on time. What we aim for in this knowledge area is developing a project schedule and ensuring that project performs in coordination with the agreed schedule.