Monitor Risks Process

It is necessary to plan how the risks will be managed in order to avoid being full of unmanageable uncertainties throughout the project. Although this plan is created during the planning phase, some approaches, reasons and processes may differ throughout the project. This requires making changes and updates to the risk management plan. We determine whether there is such a need through the risk monitoring process.

The risk monitoring process requires careful progress and careful steps. For this, there are certain tasks that must be done. The most important of these are the regular review of the risk register, the risk response plan and the risk management plan and the implementation of a roadmap for this review process.

In the process of monitoring risks, one of the most important responsibilities of the project manager. Project manager's risk review is done to ensure that all identified risks are relevant to the project and up to date. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate the probability and impact of each risk. In addition, it is an indispensable step to determine whether new risks have emerged that have not been identified before.

During the whole project, you should make sure that all stakeholders of the project can know what could go wrong and what has been done to fix it. So they can make an effort and help to make the whole risk plan better.

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1- student: It's always best to be on the alert if it's about risk. The project manager usually assigns these responsibilities to the risk owner, but the primary responsibility for the risk is always the project manager. So how can you master the risks in this detail? Of course, by running the monitor risks process well.