The 8-Step Process for Leading Change by John Kotter

John Kotter, author of the classic bestseller Leading Change , has developed a proven 8-step process to help organizations successfully launch new strategies, no matter how difficult they may seem. This process can be applied to large scale corporate change initiatives as well as small personal endeavors. 

Daniel Pink's Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation Model

When it comes to motivation, there are two main perspectives that have been gaining momentum over the past few decades. The first of these two points of view contends that employees are best motivated by external factors, like money and promotions, while the second argues that it’s internal factors like purpose, autonomy, and mastery that lead to the most satisfaction at work. In his 2009 book Drive, Daniel Pink suggests an alternative approach to motivation that combines elements of both theories in order to create the most effective strategy possible.

Donald Norman's Gulf of Execution and Evaluation Model

The gulf of execution and evaluation, or cognitive gulf, was described by usability expert Donald Norman in his 1988 book The Design of Everyday Things. Norman referred to it as the difference between people's intentions and their ability to execute their intentions.