Resource Management Plan

The resource management plan is a subplan of the project management plan and offers guidance on acquiring and assigning resources, as well as overseeing their supply and distribution. 

Assumption log

Every project is planned by taking a collection of assumptions and constraints into consideration. These assumptions and constraints may exist before the implementation of the project or they may emerge as the project progresses.

According to PMBOK 7 and other project management references, assumption logs are project artifacts in which project assumptions and constraints are recorded throughout the project's lifecycle. They are categorized among project logs and registers.

Team Performance Domain

The project team is responsible for creating value for the organization by producing the project deliveries. Therefore a high-performing team is a must for any project's future. As we know, Performance domains is a new concept introduced by the PMBOK 7 as a replacement for knowledge areas.  Similarly, process groups were replaced by project management principles

The team performance domain focuses on building high-performing teams, coaching the team effectively, increasing the functioning level, creating collaborative team spaces, and monitoring and measurement of their performance. In order to achieve the planned goals of this performance domain, we use some processes and actions as is the case for all other performance domains.

Communications Management Plan

Both projects and people require the right information to run optimally. Every participant involved in the endeavor has different communication and data needs, some of which they may feel the need to hide. For any chance at success, it is imperative that these requirements are properly addressed.

Project Performance Domains

Project Performance domains are one of the new concepts introduced along with value delivery system, project delivery principles, and tailoring. Performance domains are a special grouping that serves to group the processes and activities that it contains in its content according to the qualities and characteristic features that will allow it to separate from other processes. These groupings are critical to be performed in order to deliver the project outcomes successfully.