Earned Value Analysis in Project Management

If you have trained yourself to be a project manager and have a basic understanding of how to do an earned value analysis, you will save your organization time and money. It is an instrument whose correct use will lead you to detect what can be the situations that will be hard to deal with and their possibility of happening problems earlier than normal. For this reason, this is one of my favorite instruments to use in project management.

Variance Analysis in Project Management

In my opinion, variance analysis is a quite handy tool in data analysis. I enjoy using it to measure the difference between actual performance and planned output in some of the project management processes, key performance indicators, earned ealue management and program evaluation and review technique. With variance analysis, you will be able to identify different factors that affect your results and how these factors affect your work. This way it will be easier to adjust plans and improve your performance on the next projects.

Regression Analysis

Regression analysis helps to analyze and forecast the future performance of projects by considering the relationship between different variables. While this assessment will generally cover financial issues, it’s likely that regression analysis will be used in an analysis made in different areas. 

Reserve Analysis

In any project, it’s vital to have plans in place to account for unexpected occurrences. Reserve analysis ensures you have the resources necessary to tackle problems as they arise, rather than having to stop work and scramble when something goes wrong or delay the project if your planning was inadequate. Reserve analysis also ensures that you have enough money set aside at any time to get the job done, no matter what obstacles you encounter on the way. 

Best Project Management Certifications to Boost Your Career

If you’re looking to build up your resume with a new certification, you can’t go wrong with project management certifications. These programs give participants the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of project management, and they also come with various other benefits such as networking opportunities, industry recognition, and perhaps most importantly, increased salary potential. However, it can be challenging to decide which certification will be best for you—that’s why we put together this list of the five best project management certifications on the market today!

Gostudent - Online 1 on 1 Tutoring - A Detailed Review

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