Team Principle - A Collaborative Team Environment

In order to complete a project and get the desired output, the project team, not the project manager, performs the work that needs to be done. And this team will never be homogeneous. There are completely different individuals in each project team.

Project Quality Management Plan

A quality management plan is a document that outlines the requirements, quality standards and quality criteria and describes how the project can attain these requirements.  It can be used in the following performance domains;

Project Management Artifacts

All project actions yield a variety of outputs, or some already available documents are used for the value delivery of the project. An artifact here can be described as a document, template, plan, deliverable of a project, or output of a specific process. 

Business Case

The business case is characterized as a feasibility study that includes financial and non-financial benefits. The business case also helps to measure project results during the project by comparing them according to the criteria for success defined in the business case.