Google Data Analytics Certificate Program - Price - Review - Is It Worth Your Effort?

Now I will try to review a valuable certificate program given by Google and provided by Coursera online learning program. Recently Google continues to provide very very good programs especially for the beginners. Project management certificate program, Business intelligence certificate program, advanced data analytics certificate program are one of them. Both the names of Google and Coursera will emerge quite prestigious on your cv if you are a beginner. It will probably not give you a job directly but it will be a hint that you are determined to invest for data analytics and this is very valuable for job interviewers. 

Let's briefly outline the course structure. The course comprises seven modules and concludes with a capstone project. One concern I have about the capstone is its optional nature; you can earn the certification without completing the capstone since there's no evaluation of your work. This means one could simply go through the course, obtain the certification, add it to their resume, and move forward without any external review of their skills. There's no oversight beyond the automated grading system for tests.

Additionally, there's limited support available, which I find inadequate, especially for beginners who may have numerous questions and seek guidance. One must rely solely on the provided tools and resources, which include extensive reading materials. Personally, I found some of the content repetitive or already familiar, so I chose not to delve deeply into all the provided material. However, for those unfamiliar with the topics, extensive reading and external searches may be necessary to clarify doubts.

I appreciated the instructional videos and the diverse range of data analysts involved in the course review. It's beneficial that they included professionals without a specific 'data analyst' title, as it reflects the diversity of roles in the field. Job seekers should focus on positions that require the skills and tools of a data analyst, even if the job title doesn't explicitly mention 'data analyst.'

Modules and Price

The course is divided into seven modules, each containing multiple sub-modules. This structure allows for a paced progression, suggesting completion in approximately six months if one follows the recommended rate of one module per week. However, I find this timeline unnecessary; it's feasible to complete more than one module per week, depending on individual time availability and pace. For this reason you can complete the course quite faster than expected in the program. This way it is possible to pay less for the certificate. Subscription is possible monthly and for every month you need to pay 59 dollars per month.

I want to add a point I missed earlier during editing. I completed the course within a month, primarily dedicating weekends and some weekday hours after work for studying. Therefore, completing it within a month is achievable with consistent effort. So it can cost you just 59 dollars instead of multiplied versions of this amount.

Another option for enrolling to the certificate program is buying coursera plus monthly or annually. Coursera plus is a pass providing access to 95% of courses in the platform. So you can take it along with a couple of other certificates and this way you can save money. This month there is a special 100 dollars discount for the annual subscription. The discount is only available on this page and could not be reached from the homepage.

In summary, my main concerns with the course are the optional Capstone and the perceived level of common-sense content. For individuals already familiar with Excel, Google Sheets, and some technical skills like programming languages (SQL, R, Python), much of the course content may seem intuitive. While there are valuable elements, individuals with self-motivation, discipline, and the ability to curate their own learning path may find it more efficient to acquire data analytics skills independently.

This course will definitely benefit those lacking self-discipline or needing structured learning and i think it is perfect for the first step. But self-motivated individuals could find better alternatives by creating their own curriculum and utilizing online resources.

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