Validate Scope Process in Project Management

The prerequisite of executing this process necessitates crafting a scope statement. This statement involves the appropriate stakeholders, forming a work breakdown structure, constructing a verification plan, and clearly defining the acceptance criteria. Organizations that embrace this method can be confident their projects will be successful and clients will be delighted.

It is the process applied by obeying established rules or procedures. It is used to making it certain that the tangibles and intangibles of a project have been created at the end of the project. 

The scope approval process is a confirmation by the client, under the guidance of the project manager, whether the delivery has been revealed in accordance with the specified condition or capabilities needed by stakeholders. It is done following the completion of the delivery intended to be covered under the project.

Whether the product produced meets stakeholder requirements is revealed at the end of the customer's review. This review forms the basis of this process.

The result of Scope validation is the recognition of a stage's delivery by the customer, thus allowing the project or phase to proceed with the closing steps. Nevertheless, if scope verification fails (the customer does not accept the deliverable), the integrated change control process will be initiated and the project management plans must be updated.

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