Change Control Board in Project Management

What is Change Control Board? It is also known as Change Control Board, like I mentioned before. A Change Control Board is basically a group of people, right? So, it's a board. It involves a group of people. And these people, this group of people, what they do is they review, approve, or reject the changes, right? So, you know, a change pops up. The project manager or whoever is authorized or whoever has the duty of creating the formal change request document creates the document. That is not sufficient for that change to come into effect, right? That Change Request document that's your document that has been prepared, right? It needs to be reviewed, approved, or rejected by the Change Control Board. And Change Control Board is this group of people that does this job, right? It should ideally include the project sponsor, the person involved, the person providing the budget, right? 

The money, the finance for the project, the person financing the project. He is absolutely the most important person to be a part of the Change Control Board. Some people will tell you that even your customers need to be a part of the Change Control Board. That also depends, right? So, any key stakeholder, key project stakeholder that you think of, that you can think of, should be a part of the Change Control Board. In even your higher management can be a part of the Change Control Board, you know? So, talk about high-profile projects. The fate of the company depends on a project, right? If it's that high-profile, you can expect the CEO of the company to be a part of the Change Control Board. Right? So, that's how serious Change Control Board, the job of Change Control Board is. And it is a concept that is closely related to change request, so I thought we'll take up in the same video itself. Right? So, that's Change Control Board for you.

Now, what do you do with Change Requests? This is a slide that you should probably learn by heart, because I'm pretty sure you will get a question or two out of this slide in the exam. What do you do with Change Requests? The first thing that you do is evaluate them. You need to evaluate the Change Request, right? If a change comes up, right? You can prepare your formal document, but you need to evaluate it. You need to evaluate it based on how it impacts your existing project management plan, your existing budget, your existing schedule, your existing scope, right? How this Change Request impacts this, this, your current project management plan, your current project. How it impacts, this evaluation is the first step when you receive a Change Request, right? So, this evaluation is a must. That's the first step. You might get a question in the exam that you have received a Change Request, you have received a change request. What do you do first? You evaluate the changes. That's the first thing. Second thing, for a project manager too, is he or she needs to review alternate options, right? So, you get it, you get a change request, right? 

You've created your formal document, formal Change Request document. You need to evaluate the impact of that change. And once you have done your evaluation, you cannot just go ahead and get it Change Control Board approved, right? In the Change Control Board meeting, right? And your Change Control Board meeting, will you seek the approval for the Change Request? The people in the Change Control Board might ask you if you have reviewed any alternate options for it, right? So, it's important that you do so. So, once you get a Change Request, you evaluate it on its impact, right? On your existing project, on your existing project management plan. And then you review the alternate options. You review what the alternate options are instead of executing this Change Request. So, you review your alternate options. Once you have those, as well, once you have evaluated the Change Request, once you have reviewed the alternate options, that's when you go in and get the Change Request Change Control Board approval, right? Once you get the approval of Change Control Board for a Change Request, that is when you go back to the execution phase and execute the changes. So, these three: evaluate, review alternate options, and get Change Control Board approval, are steps that you need to do once you receive a Change Request. And I can promise you will definitely get a question or two in the exam from this slide. So, it's an important slide. 

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