Brain Sensei - PMP Exam Course Review - Read Before Deciding

Let's start with an honest conclusion. Is it worth the money? Yes, we honestly think it is. At least the platform deserves a try. Read the article to find out why, and do not forget to use "PMEXAM10" discount code before buying any product, after clicking here, if you want to get a 10% instant discount.

What Do You Get From Brain Sensei?

Brain Sensei comes with complete video-based lessons on all 5 process groups and 49 processes. If you’re preparing for your certification exam, Brain Sensei will guide you through each of these project management processes, from initiating process group through closing process group. It is a comprehensive learning system that has almost everything you need to pass your exam. The system has information almost about all project performance domains and is designed in accordance with project management principles. Another plus about Brain Sensei is its guarantee of pass. You can retake the course at no cost for an additional 90 days if you complete the 35-hour Complete PMP Exam Prep course and fail the PMP exam within one calendar year from the date of course purchase.

Should you retake the exam a second time, we will provide you with another 90 days free access to the 35-hour Complete PMP Exam Prep course.

If you do not pass the exam on your third try, you will be refunded the initial purchase of the product. If you do pass, we will give you a free access to our 35-hour Complete Project Management Professional (PMBOK) Exam Prep course.

Deep Review of Brain Sensei, Really Worth Trying?

When I first heard about Brain Sensei, I was a bit skeptical. Was it really possible for an animated story to help me become more of a strategic leader? What did an engaging video have to do with project management? After examining Brain Sensei's program, I can honestly say that it does work. 

The normal price of their self-paced PMP® Exam Prep Complete Course is 499$ with 1 year access. However, if you use the "pmexam10" coupon code provided, you can get 10% discount. 

Brain Sensei helps you make sense of everything you're going to be tested on by walking you through multiple examples and reinforcing them with animations and audio clips. 

Their stories give information about processes, and knowledge areas such as schedule management, procurement management, resource management, and communications management knowledge areas.

Another program they offer is Live Virtual Instructor CourseAs its name suggests, this online, virtually led course provides professional training to pass the Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam.

This course offer 35 education/contact hours to students and provides up to date study materials for the pmp exam. By taking this option you will also gain 1 year access to the self directed pmp course of Brain Sensei which includes one unlimited practice exam. This has got a 499$ value. Live virtual courses are provided by experienced and very capable instructors.

One more product of Brain Sensei is PMP Exam Simulator. It includes,  an acronyms, glossary review, 3 full practice exams that you can retake until you pass with 80% or more and including glossary testing questions and realistic exam questions, one unlimited practice exam with 180 questions randomized from their bank of realistic exam questions that has over 1,500 unique questions. Therefore; you will be able to take a different exam every time.

Pros and Cons of Brain Sensei

There are plenty of different ways to prepare for your certification exam, but many don’t really help you retain information. Brain Sensei succeeds in part because it focuses on remembering and recalling data rather than just memorizing it. What also makes Brain Sensei unique is its in-depth look at difficult project management topics that others often gloss over. For example, items like quality control and how projects can benefit from agile strategies are covered in a clear and concise way. This program was designed by an experienced project manager who knows what exam takers need and you’ll notice that as soon as you start watching some of these videos.

The videos of the program is downloadable for apple podcasts users only. If you're an Apple Podcast user, you can view the video tutorials while offline. For both Android and Apple devices, you can use the Spotify and apple podcasts to stream content but data charges may apply.

What is the CAPM® Exam Prep Course of Brain Sensei?

Before publishing this review, we had a contact with Brainsensei and obtained PMEXAM10 discount code which will give you a 10% discount on your purchases. However, we will try to review it objectively not to get any negative feedback from our visitors. You may also find our reviews about BrainSensei Live PMP Prep Course and PMP Exam Simulator on our website.

Benefits of using CAPM® Exam Prep Course?

In this course, you will learn about project management theories and best practices through engaging videos, relevant case studies, and a customizable exam tool. You’ll gain practical knowledge that will help you succeed in an actual business setting. However, unlike other exam prep courses, Brain Sensei's CAPM® Exam Prep Course actually teaches you the practical applications of these terms and concepts so that you can apply them to your future projects in the real world. This helps make this course better than just an exam prep course.

How Will You Learn with Brainsensei CAPM Course? Pros of Brainsensei CAPM Course

This comprehensive self-paced online course is designed to bring you up to speed on all aspects of Project Management. Featuring 9 interactive story-based e-Learning modules, BrainSensei gives you an intimate experience of how real-world projects are managed and ultimately made successful. You will get a firsthand look at how different teams are set up and managed within a given project, managing risk and meeting deadlines; then transitioning into identifying and learning about tools & techniques to help manage them. The entire course is self-paced so it can be done in your own time from your home or office. Perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge of PM methodology or just wanting to break into project management. 

4 practice exams with over 600 questions

This course includes 4 practice exams with over 600 questions that have been answered by our expert project management mentors. The curriculum will walk you through each exam and give explanations for why answers are wrong or right so that you can get a better understanding of what is required to pass. Each section in each exam covers specific project management areas and techniques, allowing you to prepare yourself from start to finish with your projects. 

Spaced repetition system

The course uses a unique and proprietary Spaced Repetition System that is based on science. This system keeps you actively engaged in your coursework by scheduling practice quizzes at optimal times to make sure you’re not forgetting what you’ve learned! The questions are random, but always relevant and generated from materials in your course. It helps re-enforce all key project management terminologies and concepts needed to pass both exams with flying colors.

13 engaging storyline challenges

BrainSensei includes 13 unique, engaging storyline challenges that will put your newly gained knowledge to good use. These challenges are not for entertainment, but to help familiarize you with what it’s like to manage a project in today’s business world. This will teach you how important it is to communicate clearly and effectively; keeping everyone on track with short and long-term goals, inspiring team members when times get tough, identifying potential risks before they become problems, and much more!

Take your learning further with multiple self-assessments in each module to track your progress. These assessments can be done at any time, but are best done after each section is complete so you can see what areas you need to focus on next. BrainSensei tracks your progress and will re-schedule practice exams accordingly.

Cost of CAPM® Exam Prep Course (Self-Paced)

There are two ways to buy this course. The first and recommended one is 1 year access package. It is priced 349.99 $ but you can get 10% discount with the PMEXAM10 discount code. 

The other option is monthly subscription. It costs 69 $ per month. The faster you finish, you can pay less by using this option. It is specially recommended for people who will dedicate their full time to CAPM preparation. You can see prices here.

Is there a guarantee?

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If Brain Sensei doesn’t work out for you after 30 days, simply ask us to refund your money – no questions asked!

For those who purchase the 23-hour Complete CAPM Exam Prep course and fail the CAPM exam within a year of purchase, Brain Sensei will give them an additional 90 days of access to the course for free. 

If you fail the exam twice, we will also offer you another 90 days of free access to the 23-hour Complete CAPM Exam Prep course.

If you take a third swing at it and fail, you will be refunded your initial purchase.

Brainsensei Coupon or Discount Code?

For any discounts, you can use PMEXAM10 promo code specially appointed for our website.

CAPM Exam Prep Course Free Trial

Brainsensei also offers a free trial option that will give you complete access to the first modules of the Complete PMP Exam Prep and the Complete CAPM Exam Prep courses. 

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