Pareto Chart in Project Management and PMP Exam

You have heard the name of the Pareto principle a lot.  If we ask briefly what it is, we can call it a statistical principle stating that around 80% of the effects of many events are considered to take place as a direct or indirect result of around 20% of the causes. 

Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate | Cost | Review

If you want to draw your career path in the direction of data analytics, you have a variety of options to improve your skills and train yourself to be an expert ultimately. At the beginning phases to put a few stones to the basement, we find it useful to take a look at the google professional certificates we introduced earlier. The first of these certificates is the google data analysis professional certificate program. It is quite beneficial for people who are not familiar with data analysis. The other is the newly presented advanced data analytics certificate. What we will introduce to you today is the Google business intelligence professional certification program.

Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate | Cost | Review

What is Data Analytics

Today, data analysis has become a very important and sometimes indispensable tool for every organization, large or small. Because now everything is data driven. When information is used in the right place it returns as value delivery.  We can say that those who use it are more successful at least. There are new developments beyond what we have mentioned and the needs of the market are getting more complex day by day. The role of data analysts has become more important day by day for this reason. 

Entering the world of data analytics and science presents a considerable challenge, particularly for newcomers. The competition for entry-level positions is intensifying as employers increasingly seek candidates with data science skills. Recognizing this trend, Google has introduced the Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate through Coursera. This initiative aims to enhance the skills of those entering the data analytics field, providing a comprehensive understanding of what is required in today's job market. This analysis will evaluate how well Google's certificate prepares candidates for the evolving demands of the data analytics sector.

Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate

If you are interested in data science and want to explore a career in data analytics, we have already mentioned that the Google data analytics professional certificate program will be a great start for you. We have made a detailed review of this certificate program. The program we will introduce now is the Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate program. It is the continuation of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program, which is very freshly offered by Google and will help you become more professional as a next step. As the name suggests this is an advanced version. 

Who is it for?

If you have completed google data analytics certification program before and want to go beyond your current location and become even better, we can say that it is suitable for you. Initial knowledge is required but not much. Especially for those who took the first of this program, having 2 certificates will look good on their CV.

Kano Model in Project Management

Regardless of the project, the first thing a project manager should do is analyze what their customers need. A manager who does not know well what his customers want cannot be successful. In the next stage, the project manager should prioritize these needs and determine a priority order accordingly. One of the most important tools he can use while doing this is the Kano model.

S Curve in Project Management

S-curve is a graphical display of cumulative data that is plotted against time. And that cumulative data here can be anything, such as cost, man-hours, quantity progress, or different types of project information that you want to plot against time. And don't forget, an S-curve is the cumulative plot of unit data that you plot against time. You may find S-curves with other names; you might hear it called an S-plot, or another name could be cumulative distribution chart, or velocity diagram, or in an earned value management environment, they call it a performance measurement baseline or PMB. So, don't be surprised if you hear it called other things in projects that you have been working on. But the bottom line is you're drawing an S-curve in projects.

Decision Tree Analysis in Project Management

My last decision was one minute before I wrote this article. It's still very fresh. This decision was one of hundreds of decisions I made during the day. I made a decision analysis for all of them myself. Of course, these decisions were not big enough to affect the value delivery of a project. If the decisions in question are going to affect the success of a project, it's wise to take a more systematic and scientific approach. decision tree analysis Project management is a technique that involves making decisions that directly affect the success of a project. Decision tree analysis, project managers often use this method, guided by different sources and tools, to make informed decisions.