Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate | Cost | Review

What is Data Analytics

Today, data analysis has become a very important and sometimes indispensable tool for every organization, large or small. Because now everything is data driven. When information is used in the right place it returns as value delivery.  We can say that those who use it are more successful at least. There are new developments beyond what we have mentioned and the needs of the market are getting more complex day by day. The role of data analysts has become more important day by day for this reason. 

Entering the world of data analytics and science presents a considerable challenge, particularly for newcomers. The competition for entry-level positions is intensifying as employers increasingly seek candidates with data science skills. Recognizing this trend, Google has introduced the Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate through Coursera. This initiative aims to enhance the skills of those entering the data analytics field, providing a comprehensive understanding of what is required in today's job market. This analysis will evaluate how well Google's certificate prepares candidates for the evolving demands of the data analytics sector.

Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate

If you are interested in data science and want to explore a career in data analytics, we have already mentioned that the Google data analytics professional certificate program will be a great start for you. We have made a detailed review of this certificate program. The program we will introduce now is the Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate program. It is the continuation of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program, which is very freshly offered by Google and will help you become more professional as a next step. As the name suggests this is an advanced version. 

Who is it for?

If you have completed google data analytics certification program before and want to go beyond your current location and become even better, we can say that it is suitable for you. Initial knowledge is required but not much. Especially for those who took the first of this program, having 2 certificates will look good on their CV.

Google's certificate is designed for individuals who have some experience in data analytics or possess similar skills. It is not targeted at absolute beginners, suggesting that foundational knowledge in data analytics is beneficial before undertaking this course. However, the course content is structured to accommodate those new to certain concepts, encouraging learners to build upon their existing knowledge. This approach aims to accelerate the journey to becoming job-ready by reinforcing core concepts and introducing advanced topics.

The program mainly focuses on conducting regression analysis and building machine learning models, as well as applying statistical methods to explore and create data visualizations and communicating insights from data analysis to stakeholders. In order to apply all these capabilities it is necessary to collect a huge amount of data. It is necessary to analyze these data and finally to interpret them as the next step.  The focus in this course is all very critical skills for data analysts.

If you want to have a career in this field, I would like to say that this program has been designed to meet your needs, taking into account the requirements of the market. It provides training in the skills needed to go beyond the beginner's level to specialize and gain advanced knowledge. 


If you want to enroll only this certificate program it costs 49 dolars per monthly subscription. It is estimated that you can finish the whole course in nearly 6 months. It means the certificate will cost you around 300 dolars. However, if you are seeking to develop your career by taking more courses from Coursera there is one more option. For example if you want to take Google Project Management Certificate together with this one, you may enroll to the Coursera Plus program. It is a pass that provides you access to the most of courses in Coursera. You are paying once, and you can take unlimited courses in every subject. If you take this certificate along with other courses, you may save a great amount. Coursera plus subscription costs 59 dollars per month and 399 dollars per year. Especially if you have one year to develop your skills the one year package is great for you. I strongly recommend this option.


The importance of active learning is emphasized in this certification. Instead of passively watching tutorial videos, learners are encouraged to apply new knowledge through practical exercises. This hands-on approach is critical for understanding and retaining complex concepts, facilitating a deeper comprehension of the course material. The certificate provides a structured path to acquiring job-ready skills, even for those with minimal prior experience.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics across seven courses, including statistics, regression analysis, and machine learning, all utilizing Python. This shift to Python reflects its relevance and demand in the data analytics field, offering learners practical experience with a key programming language. The courses are designed to equip learners with the skills needed to analyze and interpret data, addressing real-world challenges through statistical analysis and machine learning techniques.

The journey starts with an introduction to data science, focusing on its application within a business context. This foundation course is crucial for understanding the role of data analytics and science in solving business problems. It introduces essential concepts and workflows, preparing learners for more advanced topics.

Subsequent courses delve into Python programming, data visualization with Tableau, and statistical analysis, providing a comprehensive skill set for aspiring data analysts. Each course includes projects that apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, a hallmark of Google's educational approach. This practical component is essential for understanding the application of data analytics in a professional setting.

The capstone project bridges theory and practice, challenging learners to apply their knowledge to a real business problem. This project is an opportunity to demonstrate the skills acquired throughout the course, including data visualization and machine learning model development. Feedback on the capstone project varies, with some finding it challenging yet rewarding.

In conclusion, the Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate offers a structured and comprehensive pathway for enhancing data analytics skills. While no certification guarantees employment, this certificate provides a clear roadmap for acquiring the competencies needed in today's data-driven job market. For those considering this certification, it represents a valuable investment in their professional development.