Direct and Manage Project Work

Direct and manage project workis now considered as a part of the process groups model in project management among models, methods, and artifacts. There is still a tailoring process but inputs to the process and tools and techniques to be used are given as a standard.

In the scope of direct and manage project work process, the work defined in the Project Management Plan is implemented in order to achieve the project objectives. It is a process in which integration is carried out by interacting with the planned works within the scope of all fields of knowledge with a different saying.  There are three main functions of the process that you should keep in mind. This is the main function:

  • To carry out the planned project activities in order to achieve the project goals,
  • Creating business performance reports and related change requests,
  • Applying approved changes, correcting errors

The main benefit that will be obtained at the end of the process of Directing and Managing Project Work is to ensure overall management of the work and project outputs carried out within the scope of the project and to increase the likelihood of the project being successful.

Direct and Manage Project Work Inputs

The other inputs are;

Direct and Manage Project Work Tools and Techniques

1- Roge: In this process, project managers play a pivotal role in executing project activities and guiding the team. Could you share some best practices or strategies that have proven effective in ensuring seamless coordination and collaboration among team members during this process?