How to Prevent (Avoid) Scope Creep?

Define Scope understandable and clear

The project scope should always be clear and to the point in order to avoid scope creep. This always should be the first approach, because unclear scope is the most common reason of inevitable scope creep. Establishing clear project objectives, ensuring that it was checked by all stakeholders and approving the project scope baseline are useful to do this. Rigorously abiding by the rules stated in the document will guarantee a successful accomplishment of the job.

Use a Change Control Process

In order to make certain that project scope is not gone beyond control, a change control process is always useful. Every time if an adjustment to the project scope occurs (small or not), a change log should be updated and all stakeholders should be informed and consulted if there is a need. Furthermore, an effective change management strategy can provide an effective defense against the undesired outcomes of scope creep.

Manage Communication Well

Establishing and maintaining open communication is of immeasurable value to avoid scope creep. To do this consult with stakeholders as needed to determine how scope changes may impact the project schedule.

Redesign Your Mindset

Sometimes we need to make a self check and reset our mindset to achieve the correct decision. This will help us to avoid scope creep.

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