Alternatives Analysis

Alternative analysis in project management is not only a project management method to be used only in business life. The essence of it is very similar to the decisions taken in our daily lives. 

At each stage of the project lifecycle, the project team will need to make certain preferences when decisions about project management need to be taken, plans need to be created, new systems are designed, or to deal with uncertainty in tailored processes. The project team will also need to evaluate the alternatives they have when making or creating these preferences for the project to generate the maximum value delivery from the efforts of the project's human resources. 

Alternatives analysis is a project management data analysis method used to evaluate and choose the options we have when making a decision, creating an output or document. Alternative analysis can be done without going into detail, using summary information, or assumptions it can be created by detailing and using weighted matrices. In general, the analysis begins with defining the problem or decision alternative is evaluated, consideration of requirements, evaluation criteria, and weighing options. 

It is very useful in planning the performance domain as a method, or it can be used as a part of the uncertainty performance domain to address volatility. Also in every need for taking a decision in delivery performance domain and project work performance domain, alternatives analysis can be used. The list of performance domains that alternative analysis is used as a method is,

Alternatives analysis was used in the following processes;