Alistair Cockburn's Effectiveness of Communication Channels Model

The Effectiveness of Communication Channels model by Alistair Cockburn is a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of different communication channels

Alistair Cockburn developed a model in which a linear axis points to a map that communicates both the effectiveness and richness of communication channels. On the Y-axis there is communication effectiveness, on the x-axis, there should be "richness of communication channel". Inside the chart, you sort the communication channels according to their efficacy and richness. You measure richness by the amount of knowledge that can be passed on through a particular medium.

The model is likely to be used in the following performance domains;
It was intended to communicate the following: interactive communication channels are more efficient than the others such as traditional paper documentation when it comes to data transfer per minute. The tone of their voice and body language also convey emotions, being a richer form of communication.

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