Monitor Communications Process in the PMP Exam

In any executive process, it is possible that there will be problems arising between the communication management plan and its implementation during the manage communications process.

The process of monitoring communication at work is based on identifying whether the communication management plan is followed and on seeing if any deviations from it have arisen and if it is being carried out at the right time and in the appropriate manner.

Monitor Communications process ensures that each stakeholder gets the information they are entitled to, at the correct time and in the manner they expect.

Communication is a continuous cycle of activities to ensure stakeholders' communication needs are met. This is exactly what communication is - a continuous flow of activities designed to keep stakeholders informed. It is in the monitoring and controlling process group.

Inputs to the Process

Project Management Plan: A few key points that need to be considered can be derived from the project management plan such as why the information is being shared, how often it is being sent, who is responsible for communicating the information, who is expected to receive it, what type of information it is, and how often. The communications management plan is the essential input here.

Issue log: They allow teams to work together and communicate about what is going on. Issue logs also provide a way for team members to track progress and monitor the quality of their communication.

Lessons Learned Register: It is important to have one because it helps identify what went well and what could be improved upon for future projects.

Work Performance Data: As Work performance data enters this process, it is analyzed in context and compared to processes that depend on it. From there, it becomes work performance information.

Project Communications: It is a natural input to the process,

Enterprise Environmental Factors: Factors such as existing communication channels, systems and tools for communication.

Organizational Process Assets: Assets such as communication requirements of the organization.


  • Work Performance Information
  • Change requests

Tools and Techniques