Resource Management Plan

The resource management plan is a subplan of the project management plan and offers guidance on acquiring and assigning resources, as well as overseeing their supply and distribution. 

The resource management plan describes the roles and responsibilities of human resources. It also documents skills required to complete the project activities. Categorization of resources is another benefit of the resource management plan. In PMBOK 7, the resource management plan is listed among project artifacts. According to the PMI, it is likely to be used in;
Typically in a resource management plan following information exists in predictive lifecycle projects. There can be more or less depending on the nature of a project.

Resource requirements: A good resource management plan should include a complete list of resource requirements. These requirements may consist of people, equipment, workplaces, or other common requirements. This list is very important to be able to make good planning.

Methods to acquire resources: This plan should illustrate the efficient method to acquire and decide the right resources allocated to the right activities.

Roles and Responsibilities: The resource management plan should include roles and responsibilities assigned to each role. Competency and authority factors should be taken into consideration in this section.

Organizational Charts: An organizational chart of the project should depict
the reporting relationships among the project team members and the other people in various levels of the chart. 

Team Charter: This is one of the most important components of the resource management plan. The main goal of building the team charter is to build the ground rules of operating conditions of the team and provide guidelines for them. Therefore the final goal here is to make the team more effective.

Plan Resource Management Process

In the plan resource management process, physical resources such as equipment and facilities are discussed, as well as human resources that are part of the project team and project work at every stage of the project.

The process is based on the preparation of a resource management plan to guide the project team and the project manager on how to determine what resources are needed for the project, how to obtain and control the necessary resources.

As part of the process, it is aimed to determine the human resources and physical resources needed for the project and to define how these resources will be obtained. In addition, considerations such as how Project team members will be assigned to the project and under what conditions they will leave the project are detailed, as well as considerations such as the time that the project team will spend on activities, what qualities they will use, and when they will be included in the resource management plan, which is the output of the process.

Plan Resource Management process belongs to;
  • Planning process group 
  • Resource management knowledge area

    Outputs of Plan Resource Management Process

    Inputs used in Plan Resource Management Process

    Tools & Techniques of the Process

  • Hierarchical charts
  • Responsibility assignment matrix
  • Text-oriented formats
  • Organizational theory
  • Meetings
  • Expert judgment
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