Closing Process Group

All projects come to an end, and with them, all the activities within them. The closing process group is responsible for ensuring that all the project's activities are formally terminated in a systematic way. This includes ensuring that all the necessary documentation is created and that all the stakeholders are properly informed of the project's closure.

The closing process group is responsible for formally terminating project or phase activities, ensuring that all loose ends are tied up and the project is officially closed. This includes things like finalizing paperwork, cleaning up the work area, and making sure all team members have been properly informed about the closure.

The closing process group is an essential part of any project, and it's important to make sure all the necessary steps are taken to ensure a smooth and orderly closure.

In the closing process group, all official operations to terminate the project are combined and completed. Necessary technical studies are carried out to confirm the compliance of the final product of the project with the requirements and feedback on the closing and deliverables is received from the customer. This process is now considered to be a part of the project value delivery system.

Considering that only one process is involved, closing processes may seem simple to candidates preparing for the PM exams. However, it should be noted that closing processes are as easy to understand as they are easy to neglect. Many projects we encounter in daily life can never experience the closing process group. Most of the time, the project is terminated because it loses its importance, projects are terminated because the project manager is assigned to another job, because priorities change, or arbitrarily. 

However, regardless of the fate of a project, closing process group implementation is very, very important. Because all documents created throughout the project must be stored for reference in projects that will be implemented in the future, and this process is performed within the scope of the closing process group.

With a proper closure, the execution of project management plans, the completion of the project or phase is formally demonstrated. The necessary approvals from the right stakeholder in order to be able to close the project is granted. Also, lessons learned are documented as a part of closing. Along with the project work, all procurements are also closed formally with a final check-in closing process group.

The project manager should also conduct technical work in order to confirm the final product of the project and should document the feedback received from the customer and other stakeholders.

In waterfall lifecycles, there is only one process in the closing process group which is:

  • Close Phase or Project

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1- Rob 28.07.2021

The closing process group is a process group only due to the Deming cycle. It is equal with only one process so it was absurd to call it a group. Is it vital for the project's success, yes. However, these groupings were absurd. I welcome the PMBOK 7 for the new approach of project delivery.