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Each project needs a formal procedure for its initiation, its adoption by the organization and its authorizations, and another saying to come to the world.  The most important aspect of the project charter document is that the project charter gives the project manager the authority to manage the project and use the facilities and resources of the organization in which the project is performed in order to implement the project. 

A project charter is an important project management artifact recommended to be used in the following project performance domains:

How to Create a Project Charter? Project Charter Examples

By using guided projects here, you can create your own example of project charter with the assistance of the program for free. Doing something by yourself is the best way of learning. Also, we recommend google project management professional certificate program to sharpen your skills to be able to start a project. It is really beneficial and Google claims studying it increases success at work dramatically.

Importance of Project Charter

In particular, the importance of this authorization will be much greater in the types of organizations where the project team does not report directly to the project manager, and functional managers are present. Because as a project manager, it is quite obvious that this document will be the only basis for your authority. 

The project manager can prepare the project charter, even they may prepare it together with the preassigned project team. However, regardless of who prepared the content, a project charter should always be approved and published by the project sponsor. However, as is the case for all integration management tasks, the project manager should be closely involved in the process of creating a project charter along with the core project team.

The process of developing a charter document for the project is one of the two processes of initiating process group, along with identify stakeholders process and in integration management knowledge area.

Outputs Created in Develop Project Charter Process

Inputs of Develop Project Charter Process

Tools & Techniques of Develop Project Charter Process

  • Brainstorming
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Conflict management
  • Facilitation
  • Meeting management
  • Meetings
  • Expert judgment
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