Executing Process Group

Think about a project. For example, it may be a road construction project. What exactly are you imagining? Isn't that the moment when the asphalt spilled on the road, the work machines were working, the personnel was mobilized, and the work appeared? The execution process group is the face of a project. 

What do we do in the executing process group? In executing phase of projects what we do is simply performing the work defined in the project scope in accordance with the project management plan. By doing this our main intention is always to achieve the project goals. We plan to bring desired value to the project as well. Only by performing executing processes, a project can generate tangible and intangible products necessary for the successful completion of the project. Therefore, as we can imagine easily, executing process group is a very important topic for the PMP Exam also.

In executing processes, the main duty of the project manager will be guiding the project team correctly in accordance with the project management plan. By conducting the executing phases, a project manager may have so many indirect benefits as well. Such as creating work performance data which is valuable for controlling processes. Additionally executing processes contributes to the development of the project team by providing the opportunity to actively work together. As the last point, executing processes may be a valuable opportunity to detect problems in the work that couldn't be foreseen in the planning phase.

Processes in Executing Process Group