Planning Performance Domain

In order to achieve the result we want at the end of the project, it is necessary to effectively organize activities and functions, coordinate teams and processes, and organize newly obtained information according to changing conditions, so that the project work that we need to implement can be completed with optimal effort and resources. During the whole lifespan of a project, planning provides guidance for successfully executing the project work, creating business value, and delivering outcomes.

Different from the planning process group in PMBOK 6, the planning performance domain not only includes planning at predetermined points of the project but also encompasses the ongoing and evolving need for organization and coordination. In every project, our objectives should be clear and therefore our planning would be made in a deliberate way. By applying the standard described in the planning performance area any uncoordinated and disorganized action is avoided as they are harmful to the value delivery at the end of the project. The project's performance is monitored by comparing the measures of progress with plans.

In planning endeavors, the project should be handled as a whole, constantly changing information should be adapted into planning continuously. This adaptation is also a very important part of the new approach. Every change needs to initiate an adaptation process for our plans. So we need to be agile against changes.

The planning according to this performance domain;
  • Should focus on value delivery at the end of the project
  • Needs to be done proactively
  • Can be high level in the pre-project phase 
  • Should be progressively elaborated by the project team
  • The time spent on planning should be optimum. Not too much or insufficient.

Planning Variables

Every project has its own characteristics and requirements. So there are some variables that may affect how to plan, to what degree and when to plan the project. The most common ones are as below:
  • Development approach: A project may have a predictive approach, may use high-level plans and prototypes together or may have adaptive approaches. There are plenty of options. This affects the planning process.
  • Deliverables: Every deliverable has its own characteristics and requirements. In order to produce them, we have to adapt our planning style according to them.
  • Organizational requirements
  • Market conditions
  • Legal or regulatory restrictions
The other aspects mentioned in the planning performance domain;
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