Project Backlog

A project backlog is a list of prioritized tasks that the project team must work on. These tasks are created within the framework of an accepted strategy and are revealed using the project requirements and the project roadmap.

These prioritized tasks serve the purpose of implementing a larger strategic plan. They show to the project team and stakeholders the rate of accomplishing scope and the rate of addition of a new scope.

Backlog needs to be continuously prioritized. This regular review of the backlog is called the term, "backlog grooming". That ensures the completion of high-priority tasks each time in an updated way. This continuous effort is also done at backlog refinement meetings where the backlog is progressively elaborated, priorities reconsidered. This is called backlog refinement method.

Project backlogs are considered as project artifacts and categorized among log and register artifacts.
In Project management methodologies, backlogs are generally used in;

Project backlog may not reflect the complete work breakdown structure, especially for larger projects it may instead have prioritized work of a specific time interval.

A good project backlog;

  • Should be flexible and able to adapt to necessary changes in the project environment and requirements,
  • Should help meeting accurately with the requirements of the outcomes of the project,
  • Should be the most transparent source to give information about the scope to the project team and stakeholders.
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1- Mance 03.01.2022
Logs and registers are generally for prescriptive approaches, right? This one is for agile along with risk-adjusted backlogs. Not like change log or assumption log. Issue log may be used for both. Btw, I have been studying for the PMP exam for a while. I have read the whole PMBOK 6, however, I struggle to find sources for agile.

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