Lessons learned Register

It is normal for you as a project manager, your project team, and stakeholders to make a number of mistakes during the project management life cycle.

Even if there are no errors, alternative processes may come to mind after performing some processes, and points that can be improved may appear. All project managers should seek points for improvement to add value to the project in the guidance of project management principles. 

It may not always be possible to implement projects in the most accurate way. The main thing here is not to repeat these mistakes and to be able to optimize organizational processes, processes, and procedures in the long term. Here is the project document in which the challenges, problems, examples of good practices encountered, alternatives, and other information are recorded for this purpose.

Lessons learned register is a project artifact. It is generally classified among log and register artifacts. It is likely to be used as a part of the project work performance domain. However, its usage is unlimited in project management in the tailored processes of planning performance domain, or measurement performance domain. If it is necessary it will be helpful in almost all performance domains. 

Lessons and learned information can be documented in different formats. It is not necessarily in text format. If you believe it will increase the efficiency of the collected lessons, you can record them as videos, pictures, audio, or anything else.

Lessons Learned Repository

One of the frequent deconflictions is the difference between the lessons learned register and the lessons learned repository. At first glance, these two concepts may seem the same to each other, it can be said that they are created in the same logic as the decency of the documents, but the main difference between the two is this. Lessons learned register is a document that is constantly created and updated with the start of the project, while lessons learned repository is a document that contains lessons learned about past projects, not limited to the current project. In the process of closing the project, the lessons learned register is transferred to the lessons learned repository. This difference may be challenging in pm exams especially if there is both repository and register in the options.

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Congratulations on the good content. Risk register, stakeholder register, etc. I have been studying for the PMP exam by using PMBOK, however; I needed that type of explanation.

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