Risk-adjusted backlog

The risks identified in project management differ according to their nature. While it is possible to take action for some risks, it may not be possible for some risks, it is the most correct risk response not to take action for some risks. At this point, risk-adjusted backlogs are a sprint or release waiting list that contains risk response tasks created for actionable risks.

A variety of different approaches can be used to prioritize risk responses. The most common approach is to prioritize risk responses according to the importance of the related tasks. If a risk has a direct impact on a prioritized task, it means it has to be at the top of risk-adjusted backlog.

Risk-adjusted backlog is generally used in;

It is a project artifact and considered as one of the log and register artifacts.

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1- Steven 11.01.2022
So risk-adjusted backlog is simply the risk register of agile approach. Am I right. It is an output of risk identification. Sorry I have many comments inside this site but trust me I am not spamming. 

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