Milestone Schedule

In project management, schedule milestone is a project artifact used to identify, track and review significant and major project-related events by marking important points in time.  

Milestone schedule is just one of these schedules and it is considered as a part of baseline artifacts of a project. Milestone schedule is likely to be used in the following performance domains;

A schedule milestone should always be in summary level to show project manager, key stakeholders, and senior management if the key priorities of the project going in line with the planned one at first glance. While dealing with senior management and key stakeholders, as a project manager, you may not have enough time to discuss the project schedule in a detailed way. Therefore this summarized project artifact is of immeasurable value in terms of communicating with important stakeholders of a project in a short time.

The course of a project can be looked at in many different ways. In order to do this, the project team and the project manager have a number of tools at their disposal. The most important of these tools is to create schedules.