Resource Breakdown Structure

Resource breakdown structure is a hierarchical representation of resources needed and used in a project by showing them according to category and type.

In project management it is probably used in the following performance domains;

No matter how competent well trained and experienced a project manager you are, it is still quite difficult to manage resources efficiently in a project.

Resource Breakdown Structure is very similar to the work breakdown structure in general terms. The main difference between these two is that the resource breakdown structure focuses on project resources.

It is possible to use WBS when creating the resource breakdown structure. For this, it is sufficient to determine the necessary resources for each business package specified.

The resources assigned to the business packages in the project are not limited to human resources as such. In addition, materials and equipment are also included in the project resources.

The main benefits of having a resource breakdown structure can be summarized as below:

It is important to identify these resources and display them correctly in order to achieve the targeted project scope. Regardless of the sector in which the project is carried out regardless of the nature and size of the main goal of the project. It is always important to create an RBS.

The resources breakdown structure meets the need for grouping and identification, which has a facilitating effect on the more effective and efficient use of project resources. Resource breakdown structure is also an important organizational process asset for the visibility of resources used in past projects.

It contributes to the visibility of the resource distribution between the phases of the project. It also contributes to the project communication as a single document prepared in a common language showing the use of resources for all project stakeholders and the project team.