Communication Channels PMP

All team members, stakeholders, and project leaders are part of the project's manage communications process. Several factors in project management require communication that's both effective and meaningful. 

Communication success is greatly influenced by the complexity of the situation. In order to fully calculate how complicated communication on a project is, you need to know how many people are communicating on it. And it is crucial to know how complex this is so that you can knowledgeably communicate.

The formula is quite simple. n(n-1)/2. For example, if there are 10 people in the project, the number of communication channels are 10(10-1)/2=45.

However, the real trick hear is to know what is "n" really. Should project manager count herself/himself? Should the members of the project team also be counted? The answer here is yes. You should count the project manager and the project team as well. If you remember this the formula is super easy. 

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