Team Performance Assessment in Project Management

As part of a project team's development efforts like team-building or training, the project management team conducts formal or informal assessments of its own effectiveness. Good team-building practices will increase your team's performance, leading to greater chances of accomplishing your project objectives.  Team Performance Assessment criteria is created as an output of develop team process and typically negotiated by all parties involved and it is an input to the manage team process

Team performance assessments judge how well team members collaborate, deliver results, and initiate change in order to safeguard the success of the organization in the long term. Task-oriented and result-oriented success marks high-performing teams. Those factors represent indirect indicators of project performance. 

When assessing the team's performance, project management staff can use different types of analysis to determine what adjustments or alterations are needed to improve the team to be more productive. It's also important to determine the suitable or necessary resources to accomplish and carry out the enhancements outlined in the assessment. It is important to document these tools and suggestions before they are sent to the right people.