Resource Optimization in Project Management

In project management, resource optimization techniques adjust the planned resource use and resource availability by rearranging the execution and timelines of project activities. This technique is generally used as a part of the processes of planning performance domain to estimate project compression.

Resource Optimization Techniques can be divided into two categories:

Resource leveling: It changes the start-to-finish dates based on the limitations of the resources.  The technique is employed when certain resources can only be accessed or produced at a certain time, or are not distributed or available in enough quantities. The technique is also used when one resource is shared between two or more activities at the same time. Usually, there is a change in the critical path due to resource-leveling.

Resource Smoothing: A schedule model's activities are adjusted using this technique. It allows for adjustments to be made to activities within their allotted float time without affecting the project's critical path or the project's completion date.

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