About Us

For more than 10 years as a team, we have been engaged in the management, execution and coordination of many projects, both large-scale and small-scale.

As a team responsible for carrying out project-based activities under the leadership of our project office leader Deniz Duman, we decided to transfer the experiences and lessons we have gained from the work we have done so far to a blog at some point. There are some of us who have a lot of experience, and there is also one who is gaining experience. There are projects from different fields in which each of us takes part, conducts them with different approaches, coordinates them. We can say that this shapes our point of view. But be sure that non-objective information will not be located on this site. Each article published on this site will be published after passing through the hands of at least a few experts.

We have diverse views on how a project should be managed. However, when creating this site, our primary goal is to get into controversial areas of project management, not to address controversial situations, but to guide project manager candidates through general valid rules.

That is why we will not share only our own information and thoughts with you on this site. We will share with you all paid, free resources, sample questions, draft documents that we think are useful on the way to becoming a project manager, down to the smallest detail. We hope to be a good guide for you on this path.