Integration Management Knowledge Area

Project managers need to have a comprehensive understanding of Integration Management in order to coordinate and unify processes associated with various performance domains throughout the project's lifespan. Through familiarity and implementation of Integration Management principles, project managers can aid in guaranteeing the success and continuity of the project.

In order for a vast number of processes to be carried out together, sections of project management need to be linked, unified, and incorporated. This is named as project integration management in all project management approaches.

This area focuses on ensuring all components of the project are consolidated and interact with one another in the most effective way possible. This is done by generating a project management plan covering all elements of the project and then monitoring and controlling to ensure it remains on track.

The project manager's principal responsibility is to combine all parts of the project to create a project that runs like a well-oiled machine. Integration management is an integral element of a project manager's work, as they are tasked with ensuring that all aspects of the project work together harmoniously and that all stakeholders are kept informed.

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