Project Management Models

All of us have a style to do things. Therefore, we all have a variety of models to use while dealing with struggles both in professional life and daily routine. Just like we can use different ways of thinking in real life, project management models exist showing us different perspectives of project management approaches.

Project management models are a variety of perspectives that depict how things work and how they should be.  Project management models can be used in any performance domain of project management. In other words, a model is "a way of thinking". We have already mentioned them in the models, methods, and artifacts section. 

A project manager has infinite freedom to create models according to the qualities and needs of his project, to use different methods and perspectives. At this point, Project Management methodologies offer a number of models and methods that will facilitate them, rather than imposing what they should do on project managers.

To make an analogy, a commander is free on the battlefield to use all the weapons he has and all known combat tactics. But for enemies whose qualities are obvious, tactics and weapons that are suitable for certain combat conditions are obvious. For example, shooting a tank with a rifle won't get you anything. Therefore, the commander must use appropriate perspectives on the enemy and the conditions of war. Here, the use of project management models is also used in accordance with the needs within the framework of tailoring processes. Project management methodologies provide ready-made templates to help the project manager only.

A project management model that you prefer to use at any stage of the project shapes your project activities and the actions you will take. No matter what stage of the project you are at, no matter what model you use, the models you use must comply with 12 project management principles.

Commonly used models are;

1- Jrpm - 01.10.2021 
I think in PMBOK 7 project management models are more focused on which is a good thing. These are general models so we should not be limited to the PMI methodology here. Anyways, PMBOK now says do everything yourself with tailoring. Project management principles, value delivery etc, are new concepts but don't mean a lot.