Manage Team Process - PMBOK 6 Knowledge

In the process of managing the project team, feedback on the work of the team is collected, problems and conflicts within the team are resolved in a way that is in favor of the project, the performance of the team members is monitored and the necessary interventions are made. 

If there is a need to make changes within the team, these changes are made as part of the manage team process. In PMBOK 7 the fundamentals of the manage team process are distributed between;

By implementing the manage team process, a high-performance team is made sustainable. At this point, the responsibility rests entirely with the project manager. In order for the project team to be able to efficiently produce output by acting smoothly like a well-functioning machine, the project manager must lead the team, conclude conflicts in favor of the project, and constantly update Inter-team communication.

At this point, the communication of project team members should be constantly monitored, if any, misunderstandings and communication deficiencies should be eliminated, and the attitude of the team should be constantly monitored.

According to the PMBOK 6, manage team process is implemented continuously throughout the project and it is an execution process. It also falls into the scope of resource management knowledge area. The only main output derived from the process is change requests.

Inputs of Manage Team Process

Tools & Techniques used in Manage Team Process

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