Delivery Performance Domain

Every project has a scope. In predictive projects, this scope may be predefined in the planning section and change control procedures are applied.

In adaptive approaches, the newly emerging scope is always welcome. The delivery performance domain is simply delivering the scope of the project complying with the quality requirements. After the completion of the activities included in this performance domain, the aimed outcomes and the benefits of the projects get realized. This realization brings about stakeholder satisfaction. Every project delivers different and multiple outcomes. So, different stakeholders may have deliveries with priorities. This delivery action should be managed carefully as projects provide business value thanks to these deliveries.

The main sections evaluated under the delivery performance domain are;

  • Delivery of value: All projects produce an outcome or a delivery at the end. However they also generate value for the organization. This value delivery sometimes continues even after years of completing the project.
  • Requirements elicitation: It is about collecting and revealing requirements by using a variety of different methods.
  • Scope definition: Scope definition is an endless process until the end of the project. When we define scope, it creates a need for further requirements elicitation. Scope decomposition follows the definition process.
  • Completion of deliveries: There are different ways to describe the completion criteria of deliveries depending on the development approach. The most common ones are acceptance or completion criteria, technical performance measure, and definition of done.
  • Moving Targets of Completion: Especially along with the existance of uncertainty and in changing environments, the project goal determined at the beginning of the project may change. In predictive environments, scope creep is avoided by using change control systems.
  • Quality: Apart from the delivery requirements, quality is the performance level to be achieved. Cost of quality and cost of changes should be taken into consideration.
  • Suboptimal Outcomes: Many projects may fail to deliver expected outcomes and therefore yields suboptimal outcomes. It is a natural part of delivery performance domain.

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