Monitor and Control Project Work Process In Project Management

Monitor and control project work is a process that is used in projects with a prescriptive development approach, however, similar processes are also used as a result of tailoring processes in projects with different approaches. 

Using predefined processes like monitor and control process is an important method to use in projects using the waterfall development approach. Of course, this usage will be limited to guidance and a specific tailoring effort should still be needed for success and value delivery.

Monitor and control project work is the process of monitoring, reviewing, and reporting the progress of the project in order to meet the performance targets set out in the project management plan. In this process, we make sure that the way deliveries and deliveries are created are compatible with the project management plan and the goals that we want to achieve.

Monitoring and controlling is an activity to be focused on in the following performance domains;

The process of monitoring and controlling project work is an important project management process because it provides integration of the project from a broad perspective. Using forecasting techniques, allows you to reveal the current state of the project with time, budget, and cost estimates. It is observed how the overall project is going and, accordingly, corrective actions are carried out through change requests. For example, if you find that you are ahead of the project timeline in this process, you can reduce the number of resources you use as a result of the information you get in this process.

In this process, the project manager makes decisions on a large scale in light of information about how the project is going and how it will go. The main benefit obtained from the Monitoring and Control process of project work is to allow project stakeholders to understand the current state of the project, to understand how the identified problems for the performance of the project are fixed, and to ensure visibility of the current state of the project.

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