Working with Procurements in Project Management

Any kind of procurements can be done according to the needs of a project. These can be goods, services, or materials. It is sometimes a more feasible solution to achieve project objectives to conduct procurement instead of using the own capacities of the organization. This necessity should be determined in the planning stages of the project with a make or buy analysis. According to the results of this make or buy analysis, the necessary procurements are determined and preparation work begins.

Procurements are a subject of focus in;

The procurement management plan is prepared as a part of the planning performance domain as well as some preparation work like make or buy analysis.

In the plan procurement process, all procurement-related documents were created and the procurement management plan was developed. While working with procurements, we will be implementing a procurement plan in order to choose the right supplier that can produce the work or output we want. The procurement process begins with the request for a price or a request for information and ends with the conclusion of a contract with the selected supplier.

Almost all big-scale organizations have a separate department for procurements. So it is not the project manager's job to personally complete procurements. Except for small-scale organizations, a procurement manager handles the necessary negotiations and contract process. However, as part of the preparation, the project manager and project team should be in negotiations and the procurement process to support the procurement department technically about the details of the project. 

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Thank you very much for the information. The way you explain these concepts is ideal for new learners in my opinion. Keep it up.

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