Burn Charts

Burn Charts in project management generally include burnup and burndown charts. Burn charts are useful as it represents a measurement of the productivity rate that deliverables are produced within a time interval. 

They are categorized as visual data and information artifacts. It is recommended to be used in:

Burndown Chart

In agile approach, a burndown chart can be used for the product backlog and the sprint backlog.  Burndown charts are a chart with answers about how much work is expected and how much time we have left to complete things. The main principle of burndown usage is when we have a long list of items and features in the product backlog.  The list is simply burned down while completing each item in the product backlog. In another usage, the burndown chart shows us the amount of risk exposure that has been reduced as a result of risk management activities. 

In predictive projects, burndown charts may still be used on a variety of appropriate occasions such as tracking the amount of money left in the budget. 

Burnup Chart

A burnup chart is used for tracking the amount of work done compared to the expected work according to the scope of the project that should be done in a time interval. Burnup diagrams are an important tool that allows us to get information about the progress of your project. By providing this information, warnings are given to help us keep the progress of your project under control and prevent the project from deviating from its path. 

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