Project Roadmap

Project roadmaps include a high-level depiction of deliverables and objectives of a project by using a timeline for the project. This timeline typically shows project milestones, review points, decision points.

While we are involved in a project, it is not always possible to see the progress of the project in detail. Most often this effort is quite time-consuming. Therefore, in order to manage stakeholder expectations and provide better project communication, we need project artifacts such as a roadmap, project brief, and vision statement

Project roadmaps should not be confused with product roadmaps which is a similar document but limited with usage in product development purposes. For agile projects, there are agile roadmaps to be used by the project team.

Project roadmaps are classified as project artifacts in the subsection of strategic artifacts. It is recommended to be useful in the following performance domains;

To prepare a good roadmap
  • The objectives should be realistic,
  • Should have brief, clear and concise information,
  • Should depict necessary steps to complete the project for the understanding of the stakeholders,
  • Should contribute meeting the expectations of stakeholders,
  • Should help a rough estimate of the time required to complete project's stages,
  • Should contribute to decision making at necessary decision points,
  • Should be updated continuously throughout the project,