Requirements Management Plan in Project Management

Awareness of what is necessary for project management is vital, which is why a Requirements Management Plan is necessary in order to identify every necessity of the project. Requirements Management Plans are about requirements elicitation, gathering requirements for your project, but not actually creating them; within your Project Management plan, you need to create specific tasks or processes. 

What is a Requirements Management Plan?

Requirements management is not just one document, but a central location with all of the requirements, feedback, and thoughts of the project. It is a project management artifact and it falls among plan artifacts. There are high chances that it would be used in the following project performance domains.

Making a plan like this encourages collaboration and simplifies the change process. Easily change these elements with feedback from your team. 

In the long run, by establishing a requirements management plan, you make sure that every team member understands their part in your project and you make it easier for everyone to be invested in, and participate in every stage of your project.