Control Procurements Process

Being in charge of procurements means evaluating contract work, controlling its quality, making changes as needed, and checking that it is performed according to the agreement.

In order to gain control of the procurements process, you need to first understand what it entails. You need to know what each step entails and how you can improve things during that phase.

Controll procurements process is a part of monitoring and controlling process group and procurement management knowledge area.

In order to get started, first you need to have a full understanding of the process. That will involve being on the lookout for any contracts your company has entered into. Ensure that each contract is carried out in line with the agreement reached. 

You should evaluate the quality of the work performed by contractors because if the contractor does not live up to your expectations or does not deliver in a timely manner, you need to renegotiate with them or find another provider.

To make sure that work is completed according to the procurement management plan, review their progress regularly. If there are any discrepancies or if they are lagging behind, take corrective action before it's too late.

Once you hand off work to a third party, you will have little or no control over it. After you hire someone, you should put procedures in place to make sure things are being handled well.

In order to manage contract performance, you must closely monitor the details of what is being procured, evaluate the quality of work being done on it, modify the contract if changes are necessary, and make sure the performance is being completed as agreed upon in the contract.

In some more complicated or larger projects, there is a separate person in charge of overseeing contract administration. The project manager coordinates closely with this person to make sure that the project’s tasks are adequately aligned with the contracts involved.

Trend analysis and earned value analysis is generally used as a tool and technique in this process.

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