Master of Project Academy (MPA) PMP Exam Simulator

Best Simulator

Unlike what you may expect we will not tell you which of these PMP exam simulators is best. Instead we will share the cons and pros of each so you can pick the best one for you. After looking at brainsensei's PMP exam simulator, we'll now look at masterofproject's PMP exam simulator in its entirety. 


What do you get with the PMP Exam Simulator?

This PMP Exam Simulator will help you get ready and give you a taste of a genuine PMP experience using the latest version of the PMBOK. When you purchase the exam simulator you will have unlimited access to testing materials, and be able to access the content from any web-enabled device.

Once you are done with all the simulation PMP tests, you'll see your score and be given a list of explanations of every question with reasons why. With this exam simulator you will get;

  • A total of 1,600 sample questions that are similar to those on the PMP exam
  • You will find nine mock exams related to the latest edition of PMP and the PMBOK in the document.
  • Answers to each of the PMP exam's simulation questions, plus a detailed explanation of how to solve them.
  • You will receive an in-depth report on your performance on your PMP exam, and tips on how to succeed on your first attempt.

PMP Exam Simulator Demo

Masterofprojects Academy offers a demo of the PMP exam simulator, completely free to let you try it before you purchase. By clicking here you can see the question examples. Of course, the guarantee for satisfaction is not limited to the usage of a demo. 

How to use it?

A PMP exam simulator contains nine real-like PMP exams. On top of all the typical factors for a simulated test like question distribution, quality and content, the PMP simulation should be thought of as a representation of the real exam. Thus, for a simulated PMP test, approach each with the same expectations you would have for the actual exam. As an example you might choose a time to take a PMP simulation exam and set your timer to 230 minutes, then take it like you would in a PMP exam center, concentrating and giving it your best effort. After the test is over the computer immediately displays your score like in the real PMP test. You will be able to see the rationales for each question. So you will have a chance to go over your wrong answers and increase your knowledge until your real PMP exam. As it might decrease your motivation and concentration, do not take more than one PMP simulation exam in a day.


Lifetime access to the PMP exam simulator is listed as $177.00. And monthly access is $57.00 and you may cancel anytime. If you believe that you may complete all exams in one month, then it is logical to buy monthly access. This way it is one of the cheapest options on the internet. 9 simulations for 57$ is a crazy bargain. 

Our review

Due to the careful preparation of the questions, I felt like I was in a real exam for a moment. Therefore I recommend it, especially given its price. In my exam, I liked situational questions that force the limits of your brain. There were questions almost about all performance domains. Especially I remembered what were the organizational process assets, methods used in processes, and project management artifacts. And some of the project management models were given in the text of some questions.

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